Lamy’s Black Belt Academy, Ltd. Offers Classes for the Whole Family!

Get in Shape ~ Improve Focus ~ Develop Self-Confidence ~ Develop Self-Discipline

Our Martial Arts Programs:

Children | Teens | Adults & Families | Demonstrations | Seminars | Community Outreach

What makes our program great for all ages is that it is individually based. This means that whether you are young, old, in good shape, out of shape, athletic, non-athletic, coordinated, uncoordinated, or anywhere in-between, you can participate in the martial arts. Each student learns and progresses at his or her own pace and abilities. This makes Tae Kwon Do a great family activity because it is something everyone can do and benefit from!

Tae Kwon Do Classes for Children

Like you, we want our children to grow up having good morals, pure character, to be happy, healthy and more…

At our school, your child will learn:

Belt Test image
• To defend himself/herself and others

• How to Deal With and Avoid Bullies

• To Focus

• To Set Goals and Achieve them

• To Respect Self and Others

• To have Self-Discipline

• To be a Leader

• To be Confident

• And more!

Classes are high-energy, exciting and FUN! Call today to get started!

Tae Kwon Do Classes for Teens

Today, teenagers are faced with many challenges that go beyond the academic classroom. Teenagers often need guidance and positive influences that will steer them away from negative influences and bad choices.

At our school, your teen will learn and develop:

image of teen tae kwon do punch

• Confidence

• Anger-Management Skills

• Leadership Skills

• Goal-Setting & Achievement

• Self-Defense Skills

• Build Self-Esteem

• Respect for Self and Others

• And more!

Call to get your teen started today!

Tae Kwon Do Classes for Adults and Families


Adults, are you tired of the traditional health club/gym? Are you looking for something fun yet challenging that can help you get fit and/or lose weight? Do you want to learn valuable lifesaving Self-Defense skills? Are you looking to reduce stress through physical activity? If so, then look no further! Martial Arts is a great way to do all these things!

At our school, you will get the following benefits from our program:

• Stress Relief

• Confidence

• Self-Defense Skills

• Fitness

• And much more!

Call to get started today!


There’s a saying that goes, “a family that kicks together, sticks together”! In today’s society, families rarely spend time together due to our increasingly busy schedules. Martial Arts is a great way for families to take a couple of hours each week to do something that’s fun, educational, and physical. Unlike team sports, martial arts is one of a very few activities that children, teens and parents can do together.

At our school, families can:

• Train together in rank appropriate classes

• Practice at home together, reinforcing life lessons and skills taught in class

• Work together as a team

• Get fit together

Call today to get your family started!
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Our academy offers demonstrations for any group/organization. Demonstrations include a display of various aspects of the art including kicks, basic movement, self-defense, forms, board breaking and more.

The goal of our demonstrations are to introduce the art to as many people as possible. It is to demonstrate all the mental, and physical benefits one can gain from studying the martial art.

We hope you will consider us for your next event!

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Lamy’s Black Belt Academy also offers seminars for any group/organization. We currently offer the following seminars:

– Our self-defense seminars focus on teaching basic to advanced self-defense techniques and knowing our “color code of awareness”. This seminar is a hands-on, interactive events.

Anti-Bullying -Our anti-bullying seminars focus on bully avoidance, defending against a bully, knowing the “color code of awareness”, what characteristics makes a bully and what characteristics make a victim, and more. This seminar involves moderate interaction.

“Yes, I Can” -Our “yes, I can” seminars is more like a discussion-demonstration. They involve discussing the importance of having a positive attitude, believing in yourself, and never giving up coupled with an animated demonstration of what a “yes, I can” positive attitude is all about. This is great for school assemblies, or special events. This seminar involves moderate interaction.

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Community Outreach

We at Lamy’s Black Belt Academy also provide our students with opportunities to get involved with our community through charitable events and fundraisers, free demonstrations and seminars, and more.

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